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DMCC Family of the Month

Each month a Knight’s Family is selected for Family of the Month because they have served as an inspiration to DMCC by supporting and strengthening Christian Family Life. The Autoshow Coat Check Families were recognized as the family of the month in February. All families that assisted with the 2018 NAIAS Coat Check by directly volunteering at Cobo Hall, making / sending food for workers, or offering above-and-beyond effort in homes that were missing family members for multiple days in January!

auto families.png

Thank you from Steve Rawe, Grand Knight Divine Mercy Council #14883.


Knight of the Month – Frank Quinlan

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Knight of the Month: Each month a Brother Knight is selected the Knight of the Month because of his contribution to the success of the Council and/or by his actions demonstrated in his commitment to the principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. The Knight of the Month for February is Frank Quinlan, for his dedicated service and exceptional longevity; happy 97th Birthday!

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