Celebrate the Miracle of Fátima October 13th

fatima sun

The Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a rosary event celebrating the 101 year anniversary of Mary’s miracle of the sun at Fatima on Saturday, October 13th , 12:00 noon at Shiawassee Basin Preserve. Bring a chair.

The Miracle of the Sun also known as the Miracle of Fátima, was an event that occurred on 13 October 1917, attended by a large crowd who had gathered in Fátima, Portugal, in response to a prophecy made by three shepherd children. The prophecy was that the Virgin Mary (referred to as Our Lady of Fátima), would appear and perform miracles on that date. Newspapers published testimony from reporters and other people who claimed to have witnessed extraordinary solar activity, such as the sun appearing to “dance” or zig-zag in the sky, careen towards the earth, or emit multicolored light and radiant colors. According to these reports, the event lasted approximately ten minutes.

Read more about the 2017 historical event here https://www.romancatholicman.com/miracle-sun-fatima-portugal-october-13-1917-130pm-730am-cst/


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