Switching over . . .

June 25th, 2020

Today is the start of transitioning to a new webmaster if that’s what we would call it.

I’m Kellie Determan and my husband is John, one of the board members. I teach middle school visual arts for the Waterford School District, but have fun engaging in the technical side of our digital world. I’ll be taking over for Joanne so that she has more time to focus on her passions.

Thank you for being part of our Divine Mercy Community and I pray we see one another soon!


Kellie Determan

About Kellie

I’m Kellie, an educator, direction changer, artist, and Design Thinker from Holly, Michigan. I am a fan of STEM/STEAM education, Project-Based Learning, and helping others find their passion. I'm a problem solver who looks at the bigger picture from a different direction.

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