Board & Committees

Divine Mercy Catholic Community Board of Directors:

Chair:   Ruthmarie Hovanec (term 2020-2021)

Vice Chair:  Thom Searl

Secretary:  Michele Connolly

Treasurer:  Kristina Costigan (2020-2021)

Alternate Board Member:  Mary O’Daniel

Other – Lynn Pomerleau, John Determan (2020-2021), Karen Donnellon, Nancy Stebbins

Current Committee Heads:

Worship:  Stephanie Wayman

Christian Service:  Nancy Humphreys

Faith Enrichment and Evangelization: Ruthmarie Hovanec

Finance:  Thom Searl

Social:  Ruthmarie Hovanec

Stewardship:  Carol Compagnoni

Youth:  Kristina Costigan

KofC Bd Representative:  Jerry Humphreys

Have a suggestion or comment for our Board of Directors?

Contact Ruthmarie Hovanec:

For mass ministry signup, click here.

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