Board & Committees

Divine Mercy Catholic Community Board of Directors:

Chair: Lynn Pomerleau
Vice-Chair: Jill Mistretta
Treasurer: Carol Compagnoni
Secretary: Stephanie Wayman
Financial Advisor: Thom Searl

Current board members (as of July 2016):  Cindy Hergert, Mary O’Daniel, Pete Buczek and Bob Stebbins (alternate)

Have a suggestion or comment for our Board of Directors? Contact Laurie Cooper.

Committee Heads:

WorshipStephanie Wayman
Prayer Intentions: Laurie Cooper
Faith Formation: TBD
Music Ministry: Stephanie Wayman
Prayer Partners: Jean Rawe
Social Events: Ruth Marie Hovanec
General Information and Registration: Carol Compagnoni
Christian Services: Nancy Humphreys

Finance Lead : Thom Searl

Financial Review Committee: Rick Prins

Youth: Kourtney Cooper
Joan Rusch
Nancy Stebbins

For ministry signup, click here.

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